We are an international team of skilled masters and management with more than ten years experiences,who had been making iron doors for the major iron door distributors  across the United States in the past decade.Currently we are working hard to sell directly to the public at less than half the price ,and at the same time keep high quality by avoiding the middleman . To saving the cost and supervise the quality ,we run our factory in China but our sales team are in United states .We sell doors primarily as wholesalers to dealers and builders and other retailers who resell our doors.

Most people ask how can we sell our doors at about half price of the competition and still keep high quality. Let 's address this .First of all,we have factory in China , that saves profits that happen between all the middle mans who are  the door company which most people buy from .Secondly, we utilize many other ways, including limited paid advertising ,to be able to control costs and be able to sell the highest quality doors in the industry at the unbeaten lowest cost in this line nationwide.

Regarding the quality, we know the best in the line.As we avoid the middleman so we can use these saving cost to  use the highest quality materials and hire the best skilled workers.Our doors are made with all of the highest quality materials in the industry , fully insulated high quality steel , insulated double pane 100% tempered glass, all weather stripping, threshold, separate operational glass doors, zinc coated to be rust resistant, baked on 7 steps coat finish process.  we have warehouse in Utah and we have surrounding area free shipping included Arizona and Nevada. As our business expands, more free shipping area would be added.References can be provided upon request.

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