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How do I measure?

The door size is measured from the outside to outside of the frame for both height and width. The recommended rough opening should be a minimum of 1/2” to 1” wider than the width and 1/2” to 1” taller than the height.

How many people are needed for installation?

We recommend at least 3 able bodied people for your installation. Depending on your door size this number should increase to avoid any complications.

Do you do installations?

No, we currently don't offer installation services. We can however refer you to our recommended contractors.

What is the Lead time for a custom order?

Custom orders take approximately 13-18 weeks to produce.

Can I put an iron door in my home that has a odd size?

Yes, we can custom make you any size door. Simply provide us with the dimensions and design and we will write you an estimate.

Do you have stock doors?

Yes, we have stock doors in our inventory. You can ask for our updated inventory list if you are interested.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we can arrange shipping nationwide.

Can I use the credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards. There is a standard 3.5% merchant fee attached. Wire transfers are also accepted.

What gage steel do you use?

We use a 12 gauge steel on all of our models. The lower the number the thicker and stronger the steel.

Dual pane of 5mm (.20”) tempered glass equalling 0.7 of an inch total thickness. Our doors include two glasses (dual pane).

Do the doors come with locks?

Yes, the locks are included in the door price.

How much do the doors weigh?

Single doors weigh from approximately 365LBS to approximately 480LBS. Double Doors weigh from approximately 620LBS to 864LBS. Please note, the weights above are total pounds for the door, glass and frame. However, these items are separated to make it more installation friendly.

Do the doors come with the frame?

Yes, our doors are pre-hung and come complete with frame and threshold.

Do the doors seal?

Yes, there is a weather stripping around the entire door, operable window panels, and a sweep installed on the bottom of the door.

Are your doors hurricane proof?

As of now our doors aren't hurricane proof. We will offer certified hurricane proof doors in the near future.

Do iron doors rust ?

We Galvanize all of our steel before primer and painting them to prevent corrosion.

Can we exchange the glass if broken?

Yes, you can place an order with us. We produce a new glass and ship it to you once it's completed. The customer will be responsible for cost of the new glass, shipping, and the installation of the glass.